About Us

Our goal is to provide knowledgeable certified trainers with superior customer service and professionalism and be recognized as the premier Personal Training service in Florida.

At Muscles N Motion we understand that every client is unique therefore possessing individual goals, needs, and circumstances in both health and fitness. We take great pride in getting to know each client as an individual to understand their specific situation.

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Head Trainer: Jason Jedlick

Jason’s love for fitness started early in life, he enjoyed all different types of sports and activities including; Wrestling, Football, Golf, Kickboxing, MMA, and Olympic style lifting.

As the owner of Muscles N Motion Personal Training, Jason has devoted the past 12 years expanding his knowledge in the fitness Industry. Earning a degree in Personal Training as well as certifications from the American Counsel of Exercise (ACE), the Gray Institute (Foundations of Movement), and the American Heart Association (CPR, First Aid, and AED). All of which have equipped him with the knowledge to help his clients succeed. He realized the importance of quality in exercise early on and places a lot of emphasis on proper form and technique to achieve positive results.

“I enjoy working with a wide range of clientele, and have worked with a wide variety of age groups from teens to 80’s.”

He has helped athletes increase their speed and power to run faster, hit harder, throw further, and jump higher, seen incredible losses in weight, helped his clients put on lean muscle, correct muscular and postural imbalances, and increase their strength and range of motion after surgery.

“It's easy say that I love every minute and have enjoyed watching the results everyone has achieved.”
  • ACE Certified
  • CPR Certified
  • First Aid Certified
  • AED Certified
  • Training sessions with MNM focus on 3 major categories:

  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Muscular strength / Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Through cardiovascular fitness we will be focusing on increasing utilization of fat and increasing overall heart function.

    Strength Training and Endurance Training will focus on increasing lean body mass, increasing metabolism and your bodies overall ability to burn fat.

    Flexibility Training is incorporated with both muscular strength training and endurance training. While training we will be focused on utilizing the full range of motion and proper body alignment during each session, stretching will also be incorporated in each sessions.

    Now let’s get started!!