MUSCLES N MOTION will conduct a thorough fitness assessment before beginning training sessions. Assessments will be based solely on the needs & goals of each individual client, and will be used as a starting point and a way to track progression monthly.

MNM Fitness Assessment may include any of the following:

  • Body Composition – weight, body fat, and lean body mass
  • Blood Pressure & Heart Rate (taken before each session)
  • Pictures
  • Measurements
  • Postural Analysis
  • Squat Assessment
  • Step Assessment
  • Range of Motion Analysis
  • Specific Programs Offered:

    One on One
    Train in the comfort of your own home on your equipment or MNM can provide equipment for your training session. Training sessions may also be conducted at a local park or any convenient location once MNM has inspected the area and deems it a safe and effective place for exercise.
    Couples Training
    Couples Training is limited to 2 participants and follows the same guide lines as one-on-one training.
    Group Training
    Group Training may consist of 3 to 5 participants and conducted in any location of your choice as long as the area can safely and comfortably accommodate all participants. This can be at home, a park, or a community fitness center.
    Nutrition Counseling
    Nutrition Counseling is centered on the USDA Food Pyramid and the recommended dietary allowance. MNM will provide each client with a food diary, after one week MNM will evaluate what food groups might be lacking and where adjustments can be made i.e., time, quantity & nutritional value of each meal.
    Weight Loss programs are a combination of cardiovascular and resistance training incorporated into a circuit, designed for each client’s weight loss goals. These programs are designed to increase heart and lung functions and stimulate all major muscle groups in each workout.
    Child Obesity Conditioning
    Programs designed specifically for children to motivate them and keep them physically active while having fun. These programs will include different types of sports and resistance training; therefore a physical may be required for any child who was previously inactive. MNM reserves the right to request a food diary from the parent of any minor involved in a weight loss program at any time.
    Geriatric Conditioning
    Programs are designed to increase core balance, stability and flexibility of the whole body, and strengthen muscles in effort to reduce muscular atrophy and increase mobility.
    Body Conditioning & Toning
    While in the conditioning stage; your program will be all about introducing your body to physical activity, increasing aerobic work capacity, and reducing any excess fatty tissue. Once you have begun the toning or improvement stage; MNM will then begin to increase lean muscle tissue in specific muscle groups in effort to create symmetry throughout whole body.
    Weight Management
    Weight Management programs are for those who have reached their weight loss and or muscle toning goals and wish to maintain their current physical stature or appearance. MNM will design a program based on things you enjoy and provide plenty of variety to keep you interested and moving forward.
    Sports Specific
    MNM will design a specialized program for any class of athlete looking to improve their overall performance. These programs focus on improving strength, endurance, power, speed & agility.
    Extended Rehabilitation
    MNM designs programs for clients who have been released from their initial rehabilitation facility and are looking to strengthen muscles that have atrophied due to an injury or operation.