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Are you tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see? Do you lack energy at the end of the day or struggle to get motivated to exercise? We have all felt this way at some point, but there are those who act now and those that put it off. Who do you want to be? The DREAMER or the ACHIEVER?

Muscles N Motion is committed to the needs and goals of each individual. While training with Muscles N Motion you will have the luxury and privacy of exercising in the comfort of your own home. For those of you that live a fast paced life style you may want to take advantage of exercising at your office or even train at a local park to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.

Each new client begins with a complementary pre-training consultation and fitness evaluation to determine training objectives and goals. Muscles N Motion utilizes a health history form, a lifestyle form, and physical activity readiness survey to asses general fitness and nutritional status. After completion a comprehensive physical evaluation is then performed to asses posture, range of motion, and body composition as well as core strength, balance, and flexibility.

The data obtained in this evaluation will be used to design and implement a complete integrative program specific to the needs and goals of that individual and will serve as a reference to measure progression and provide a clear understanding to what has been achieved.

Jason works closely with my daughter, who is a student athlete, preparing for college athletics. He has evaluated her strengths and weaknesses, and has established an aggressive routine and plan, to achieve the goals that we had in mind, to help her be successful athletically at the next level! We highly recommend him!

— Jackie M.

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Now is the time to start on the New You. Train where you want to train and get the results you desire!

bullet Accountability
  When starting a path of physical fitness the hardest part can be staying accountable. Knowing you have someone to keep you honest is very important. A personal trainer will tell you when you are cheating yourself and hold you accountable for your nutrition and training regimen.
bullet Workout Intensity
  When planning your exercise routine you must consider two things. First is the frequency in which you will need to exercise. The second is the routine it’s self. The two combined make the intensity. A personal trainer will be able to adjust the intensity specifically for your goals. They will also be able to keep you motivated while pushing you through your routine.
bullet Treating & Avoiding Further Injury
  If you are injured and/or have a specific illness, then your personal trainer can work directly with your physician to make sure your training routine is effective, but safe at the same time.

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Jason Jedlick

MUSCLES N MOTION Helps Seniors Get In Motion!

The Cornelius PARC Department has recently begun offering Senior Fit Club, a fitness class for all fitness levels for adults ages 55 and up. The next session starts this week, either Tuesday/Thursday or Saturday. The instructor, Jason Jedlick, said the class is “designed to promote stability and mobility for seniors. Nothing really intense. Increase strength just enough and also prevent falls.”

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